Our Filipino American community is rich with many innovative educational resources.

Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP)

Teaching pipeline in San Francisco schools and a space for the development of critical Filipina/o American curriculum, research, and sourcebooks.

Bulosan Center for Filipino studies

Center offers public workshops on Filipino American history, Filipino American contemporary issues, and Philippine history at UC Davis.

Duty to Country – A Broken Promise

Curriculum focused on history of U.S. imperialism in the Philippines, World War II, immigration and the civil rights movement sponsored by Filipino Veterans and Recognition Project (FilVetREP).

Filipino School of New York & New Jersey

Promotes the learning of Philippine languages and arts, and the understanding of its rich culture, values and tradition. 

Iskwelahang Pilipino (IP)

Founded in 1976 and run by volunteers, IP teaches Filipino heritage through music (an award-winning rondalla ensemble), food, art, language, and culture.

Liwanag Kultural Center (LKC)

Grassroots, Daly City-based nonprofit organization that provides culturally relevant education, leadership, and artistic development for the Filipino youth and community in North San Mateo County. LKC houses Kalayaan School for Equity and Pilipino Youth Coalition-San Mateo County (PYC-SMC).
Liwang Kultural Facebook page

Paaralang Pilipino Language and Cultural School

Bilingual education for Philippine American youth that promotes the cultural heritage of the Filipino people (history, art, music, folk dance, customs, and traditions).

Philippine-American Youth Organization (Payo)

Mentorship program composed of high school and college students, and young professionals focused on cultural awareness and student leadership through community service and fun activities.

Saraling Gawa Youth Council

Hawai'i-based organization that focuses on cultural awareness, ethnic pride, and leadership development.

Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA)

Los Angeles-based organization that enriches and empowers generations of Pilipino Americans and others by providing health and human services, community economic development, cultural enrichment, and a place where all people of all backgrounds can come together to strengthen community.