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In The News

mural painting

Pinoy Teach Phillennium Mural

Muralist/ Designer: Rafael Calonzo Jr.
Project director: Timoteo Cordova

“2000 Years of the Philippine and Filipino American Experience” The Pinoy Teach mural was made possible by a matching grant between the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Filipino Youth Activities Inc. of Seattle.

Located: Filipino Community Center (North Wall)
5740 M.L. King Jr. Way South
Seattle, WA 98118.

“The Phillenium Mural project began in the fall of 1998 as a wistful dream by some Pinoys who came together one Sunday afternoon over Dim Sum. Never in their wildest imaginations did they think that things would turn out so wonderfully.

On February 6, 2000 the Phillenum Mural was unveiled before hundreds of people. This mural is a product of love… love for community… love for art… love for history… and love for children. It is a testament to cooperation, collaboration, and respect. It is a tool which will help us learn about the past, to appreciate the present, and to prepare for the future. It is a tribute to the unknown and forgotten heroes and sheroes of days gone by. It is a gift to the Filipino community and the city of Seattle from Filipino American artists, students, historians, and community activitists who united and worked towards a common goal. It is a legacy which will continue to build pride in our youth for generations to come.”

--Timoteo Cordova

Stockton Record Article

October 2000
“Filipino culture more than food, festivals” by Eric Louie

In a keynote address at the Annual Filipino American Educators Association of California held in her hometown, Stockton, California, Patricia Espiritu Halagao shares her experience growing up without Filipino role models in the school curriculum and how this inspired her to promote Filipino history and culture in mainstream education.

Hawaii Filipino Chronicle

November 1, 2002
“Pinoy Teach Through the Eyes of a Filipina” by Teresa Marie Ader

After 5 years in the Seattle and Bellevue Public School system, Pinoy Teach expands its outreach to K-12 schools in the Hawaii public school system through the 2002 Pinoy Teach Summer Institute at the University of Hawaii. This article shares Dr. Patricia Halagao’s passion to empower teachers to integrate culturally responsive pedagogy and the rich history and culture of Filipinos into their daily teaching.

Philippine News Article

The Premier Filipino Newspaper in North America
September 27-October 3, 2000 Issue
“Our Life: A Class Act” by Gloria Mayumi Querubin

This article provides an overview of the Pinoy Teach educational program and its commitment to representing a Philippine and Filipino American history curriculum different from traditional colonized versions of our past.

Seattle Times Article

May 5, 1999
“Avenue to Other Cultures” by Lynne Varner

In this Seattle Time’s focus on education, readers gain a glimpse into the school-based partnership program of Pinoy Teach. University of Washington college students are trained to teach the Pinoy Teach curriculum to seventh graders in social studies classrooms. The photograph shows UW Pinoy Teach instructors, Kris Ladines and Ronald Antonio (standing in back) teaching students at Asa Mercer Middle School in Seattle, WA.

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