Professional Development

Professional Development


Participants can receive professional development on the principle concepts, pedagogy, and classroom application of Pinoy Teach. They learn how to synthesize ethnic content knowledge around universal concepts and critical thinking skills by experiencing Pinoy Teach lessons and activities. State learning standards are addressed. Workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs and nuances of the applicant school/ district.

Past Course(s):

EDCS 640M (Pinoy Teach) - Graduate/ Professional Development Course
Spring Semester 2005 (January-May)

Co-sponsored by UH College of Education Department of Curriculum Studies (EDCS) and the Western Curriculum Coordination Center (WCCC) through Project Waipuna. For more information on Project Waipuna, see website:

Limited enrollment. Open to UH graduate students, but first priority goes to teachers in the Waipahu Complex Schools. Teachers from these schools are able to enroll in Pinoy Teach for FREE. Course materials and resources will also be free.

• Waipahu High School
• Waipahu Intermediate School
• August Ahrens School
• Honowai Elementary
• Kaleiopuu Elementary
• Waikele Elementary
• Waipahu Elementary

Previous Professional Development Courses:

Pinoy Teach Summer Institute
Summer 2001 University of Hawaii, Manoa
Funded by an Eisenhower Professional Development Grant

This intensive summer graduate course teaches standards based multicultural curriculum development and implementation as participants experience a multicultural curriculum and pedagogical model focused on Filipino history and culture entitled Pinoy Teach. Course promotes the transformative approach to multicultural curriculum reform.

Workshops on Filipino Americans & Education
Teaching Filipino American Students
This workshop provides foundational historical and cultural knowledge about Filipino Americans with implications on education. It covers 10 important guidelines to effectively teach Filipino American students. Resources on Filipino Americans and education are provided.

Culturally Relevant Teaching: Including Filipinos in Curriculum
This workshop exposes participants to key pedagogical strategies and hands-on examples from Pinoy Teach, a multicultural curriculum that integrates Filipino history and culture. Participants learn how to structure ethnic content knowledge around universal concepts that draws all students into learning.

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