04. Class ActivitiesModule 02: ILIG SANG LAHI | Language, Literature & Culture

Ride the Wave of Reading: Scaffolded Reading Experience (SRE)

A Scaffolded Reading Experience (SRE) is a set of pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading activities designed to assist a group of students in successfully reading, understanding, learning from, and enjoying a particular selection.

Identify each of the stages of the wave and out pops up the following text:

  • Wave Crescendo: Pre-Reading
    Pre-reading activities prepare students to read an upcoming selection. They can serve a number of functions, including getting students interested in reading the selection, reminding students of things they already know that will help them understand and enjoy the selection, and pre-teaching aspects of the selection that may be difficult. Pre-reading activities are particularly important because with adequate preparation the experience of reading will be enjoyable, rewarding, and successful.
  • Wave Crest: During Reading
    During-reading activities include both things that students do themselves as they are reading, and things that teachers do to assist them as they are reading (for example, students reading silently, teachers reading to them, or students taking notes as they read). During-reading activities are very important because they serve to make students' experience as they are reading rewarding and productive.
  • Wave Trough: Post Reading
    Post-reading activities provide opportunities for students to synthesize and organize information gleaned from the text so that they can understand important points. Students can evaluate an author's message, his or her stance in presenting the message, and the quality of the text itself. They can respond to a text in a variety of ways-to reflect on the meaning of the text, to compare differing texts and ideas, to imagine themselves as one of the characters, to synthesize information from different sources and to apply what they have learned within the classroom and to the world beyond the classroom.


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