04. Class ActivitiesModule 1: Weaving the Poetries of Life | Culture, Arts & Identity


Cited from Maceda, José. Gongs & Bamboo: a Panorama of Philippine Music Instruments. Diliman, Quezon City: University of the Philippines, 1998.

Darangen epic excerpt sample chanted by Maranao male in situ

The Ifugao of the Cordillera, Luzon, Northern Philippines

Bulol Rice God

Ifugao gangsa music & dance in situ

Ifugao gangsa music & dance in situ (especially Dinnuy-a dance)

Kapmagarib, Kolintang player- Desiree A. Seguritan

Ways To Wear a Malong

Kappamalong-malong, Dancer- Desiree A. Seguritan