02. Agenda OutlineModule 1: Weaving the Poetries of Life | Culture, Arts & Identity

Module 01 Outline

I. Introduction· Warm up

· Philippine map with regions and provinces

· SE Asia Regional map/Regional gong & bamboo cultures

· Southern Philippine gong & bamboo cultures map (Maceda)

II. Live or Video Demo: Southern Philippines (Maranao Kalilang) Music/Dance/Textile
III. Building Background Knowledge: Readings, Discussion in groups

· Darangen and its place in Maranao society

· Chant excerpts (DVD and online)

· Group participation using Darangen

· Architectural design- Torogan

· Malong: textile design and uses

· Dance excerpts

· Dance demo of Kapamalong-malong with live music

· Percussion music with group participation using dabakan, babandir and agong

IV. Live or Video Demo:

· Dance excerpts (DVD and online) followed by group participation

V. Building Background Knowledge: Readings, Discussion in groups

· Northern Philippines (Cordillera) Gangsa/Dance/Textile

· Chant excerpts (DVD and online)

· Ifugao Hudhud with group participation

· Percussion music excerpts (DVD and online)

· Dance excerpts (DVD and online)

· DVD and/or photo examples of weaving

· Photo and/or video examples of house Dance demo and learning- Cordillera dance (Bontoc or Ifugao) with recorded gangsa music

· Music learning and participation (7 gongs)

· Guide attendees to dance and play music together

VI. Ethno map and video sample of bamboo instrument- kubing
VII. Bringing it all together
VIII. Closing: Q & A; Exit Pass