04. Class ActivitiesModule 05: WORD. IS BORN | Pop Culture, Contemporary Issues & Social Action


    • Do I take the time to learn about my students’ cultures? Why? Why not?
    • Do I model culturally responsive behaviors?
    • Do I use resources from a variety of cultures?
    • What questions do I have?
    • What more do I need to know to be culturally responsive?
    • Where or who do I go to for information/knowledge?
    • How can I be authentic in gathering my information?
    • SELF – How am/can I put this new knowledge into action?
    • COMMUNITY – How am/can I share this new knowledge with my colleagues?
    • STUDENTS – How am/can I guide my students towards social action in their community?

Notable Quotable - Rocky Rivera "Heart"

Deep Foundation - Children of the Sun Remix f/ Hydroponikz Nomi Koba Kiwi & Encite.

Bambu - The Queen is Dead

Black Eyed Peas - Bebot